[Marxism] Moderator's note/China

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Nov 21 09:29:13 MST 2006


I don't think you got my point, Charles. I am not interested in what drove
the Chinese CP to follow the path it did.

CB; My point is you have to be interested in what drove the Chinese CP to
follow the path it did.
My interest is more in identifying what kind of economy they have today. 

CB; That's too ahistorical. What exists today didn't just fall out of the

Also, in opposing the changes that are going on ,you are defending the
status quo ante, which is what had been established there before.

Wasn't status quo ante China a form of Stalinism ? Did you expect them to
build socialism in one country ?


That was why I took the trouble to write an in-depth summary of the Burkett
Hart-Landsberg MR article. On the question of whether it was "necessary", I
can only say that Cuba is doing a lot better in 
keeping alive the traditions of 1917, while being in an even more 
disadvantageous position than China which had a large economy before the
"market socialism" turn. 

On questions of why the CP took the  route it did, there's an article on the
latest NLR that gets into that in some depth:

 >>Wang Hui: Depoliticized Politics, From East to West

Reflections on China's 'revolutionary century', and roots of its 
state-party rigidification in the failures of the Cultural 
Revolution. What deeper dynamics of capitalist restoration link the 
contemporary neutralization of politics, east and west?<<

It is only available to subscribers, but I have access to it at my 
work computer. Will try to post some relevant sections tomorrow.

CB: Please do post it.

I just have this feeling that you probably had a lot of criticism of China
even before the turn to market socialism. Maybe I'm wrong. Aren't you a lot
more of booster of pre-market socialism China than you were when it was
actually pre-market socialism China ? Wasn't China too Stalinist before
pre-market socialism ?

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