[Marxism] Moderator's note/China

Husunzi husunzi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 10:48:37 MST 2006

Thanks for posting the Wang Hui article, Louis, it's a good one and
just happens to be directly relevant to a class I'm teaching.

In response to some of the questions that have arisen in this exchange
on the relation between reform and pre-reform China, the complex
question of how the leading stratum of the socialist (or whatever you
want to call it) party-state transformed into a capitalist ruling
class, the role of the Cultural Revolution in this process, etc., I
highly recommend Yiching Wu's critique of Hart-Landsberg and Burkett's
book (forgive me if this has been posted here before). The full
English text is online here:

The longer Chinese version, which further develops the critique of
Maoist "cultural revolution" begun in the English version, is here:

These articles also revisit the old Sweezy-Bettelheim debate about
post-revolutionary societies, and I think we can read into them an
implicit critique of Chinese "New Left" writers such as Wang Hui.

Looking forward to reading people's responses.



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