[Marxism] Re: Moderator's note/China

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 21 10:14:56 MST 2006

Charles Brown:

Yes, the Chinese leadership was too stalinist before.  Then they became Bujarinists and then became a caricature of capitalist administrators.  This was not done peacefully but during three or four decades of turmoil, coups and counter-coups, purges and "pocket-size civil wars."

What you have today is of little resemblance to what it was before, under stalinism.

Socialism in one country? was an utopian reactionary theory to justify the dealing and wheeling with imperialism and force the international communist movement to serve the interests of the Moscow or Beijing interests -- depending who was talking at the moment.

Compared with today's events in China, "socialism in one country" would appear even progressive for the naive communist.

Fallen from the sky?  Maybe... as the rotten fruit falls on the ground if not picked on time.


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