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I don't  think so, Michael. He saw the Soviet Union as a beachhead for 
the world  revolution in contrast to Stalin who began to look inwards. 
At the very  time the USSR was in full swing with the NEP, the Soviet 
Union was sending  Comintern agents 

This is the conventional, and rather simplistic view, of the early history  
of the SU. The simple fact is that the introduction of NEP itself was the  
beginning of an acceptance of the fact that the hoped for European revolution  
might not occur as hoped and that the SU would have to exist in isolation, thus  
developing its own productive forces with a period of 'state  capitalism'. The 
Comintern work in Europe at the time was a last ditch attempt  to help foment 
a European revolution. I think Trotsky said it best: 'Lenin  created the 
apparatus. The apparatus created Stalin.'

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