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where  did you learn your history? The Trotskyist school of  fabrications?

Ha, ha, ha...!
The situation in Shanghai 
wasn't as simple as you present. Mao wrote  that the repression was 
aggravated by an overly lax attitude to relations  with the Nationalists and 
demilitarisation. When he got there it was already  too late
At a period in history when the Comintern held absolute control over the  
activity and tactics of communist parties internationally, Chinese communists  
were almost begging Moscow to be allowed to leave the KMT and follow their own  
path. Their entreaties were spurned by Stalin, who was intent on ensuring the  
security of the SU through maintaining a status quo acceptable to the 
capitalist  West. At the same time, locked in an internal struggle with Trotsky and 
the Left  Opposition, he was hardly about to give credence to precisely the 
kind of  permanent revolution principles over which this struggle was essentially 
being  waged. 
Now this is fact. Anything else is complete and utter distortion,  indicative 
of an attempt to apply dogma to history instead of extrapolating  lessons 
from history.
I believe 
Lenin's single most telling quote is 'truth is never  abstract, all truth is 
concrete'. That's where we must base an assessment of  what they did right 
and wrong on the ground. From their perceptions of  reality.

Lenin also said that we 'mustn't throw dirt in workers faces', which is  
precisely what you are attempting to do with this pseudo-Marxist historical  
If Stalin contributed 'directly' to the derailment of the Chinese  revolution 
from 1927 to 1949. I suppose it happened to succeed despite him 
I think that Trotsky is worthy reading in the period up to 1928 - when he  
still had a grasp of what was happening in Russia - even if you don't have  
to agree with him entirely. His writings after this period fall down I think  
The Revolution Betrayed, History Of The Russian Revolution...both classics,  
and both written after 1928. Moreover, Trotsky's analysis of fascism in the  
early 1930s, his warnings to the German working class, stand in direct contrast 
 to Stalin's instructions to German communists not to join in an alliance 
with  social democrats to resist its rise when it was still possible to do so. 
Trotsky's internationalism is unparalleled  in history.  
What is important is action. It is precisely that content of my emails that  
you studiously avoid. Does that say anything about you?

Yes, action is important, I completely agree. But action to what end. I've  
been following the thread on China over the past few days, impressed by the  
efforts of some to portray what's happening in China as somehow in the service  
of some socialist grand master plan. The social inequalities in China, the 
rise  of an economic elite, the outlawing of trade unions not sanctioned or 
controlled  by the government, all of this concrete evidence aside, the notion that 
China is  not now an emerging 'economically' imperialist power is fanciful at 
 best. Its huge investment in Africa, the huge sweep of acquisitions around 
the  world by Chinese corporations, the huge dollar deposits it has built up, 
the  high level of protectionism used to accelerate the development of the 
Chinese  economy and manufacturing industry, all this is not being done to 
challenge US  imperialism. All this is being done in an attempt to usurp and replace 
The only front lines against US imperialism at present are in the Middle  
East and Latin America. China's path is one forged by a ruling elite over a  
command economy that is being built on capitalist foundations, the govt acting  as 
a club to keep Chinese workers malleable the better to be exploited by  
Chinese and Western corporations.
But, DoC's, your attempts to ascribe some master plan to China's  abandonment 
of socialism are hardly a surprise. After all, you have  previously done the 
same with regard to Sinn Fein's lurch to the right in the  Six Counties.  
Talk about trying to make a silk purse out of pig's ear.

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