[Marxism] A story of turkeys and Iraqis

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November 23, 2006 - 23:38:30 GMT

A story of turkeys and Iraqis

Juana Carrasco MartínBy: Juana Carrasco Martín
e-mail: internac at jrebelde.cip.cu

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann.


The fryer flapped its wings and ran for safety; the fryer didn't see
the fire either. In line with U.S. tradition, they were both granted
a presidential pardon and therefore will live until nature decides
their time has come. But another turkey, its name unknown, will be
eaten this Thursday by Bush family in Camp David, the American
presidents' mountain retreat outside Washington, D.C.

It's Thanksgiving, one of the most firmly established celebrations in
U.S. history, in which the anonymous and unfortunate animal will be
served with the traditional cornbread, blueberry sauce, mashed
potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

However, many others will be sacrificed as well in addition to the 45
million birds expected to bring pleasure to other people's parties.
They are human beings beyond the reach of any imperial pardon who
will be massacred this Thursday, as others before them ever since
George W. Bush decided to wage war on the Iraqi people in March 2003.

Thanksgiving will be also celebrated in the military camps set up by
the invaders everywhere across the Mesopotamian nation and in
Baghdad's Green Zone, incidentally, employees of Halliburton's
subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root, are eagerly fulfilling another
profit-making contract: decorating the premises of the occupying

Will those who the day before raided the Sadr City area in Baghdad,
where they killed five people, including a mother and her
eight-month-old baby, and wounded 18 be able to eat with a clean
conscience? Accompanying the attacking troops was a U.S. aircraft
armed with rockets and other weapons of lower caliber but deadly
enough to sow death among the residents of this Shiite neighborhood.

This was just another action in the great war feast that has plunged
not only the Iraqis but the U.S. troops themselves into the melee. So
far this month, more than 3,000 Iraqis have died as a result of armed
confrontations, attacks, bomb explosions and cold-blood murder; on
the other hand, 2,868 Americans have been equally sacrificed in three
and a half years of a war launched by the U.S. and Bush?s acolytes in
the name of their oil and geopolitical interests. Within the same
period, the endless line of Iraqis headed for the slaughterhouse
increased in 650,000 and counting...

U.S. comedian David Letterman touched on another issue regarding the
military occupation when he half-jokingly said about the occasion:
Bush would pardon the two turkeys after Vice-president Cheney spent a
day "torturing" them.

The agents in the CIA's secret prisons, the guards in each
maximum-security camp at the illegal Guantánamo Naval Base, and the
soldiers and military police in Iraqi and Afghan prisons will most
likely have their dinner and, in between bites, clamp down on their
indefinitely confined prisoners until they make them confess their
terrorist connections...

Yet, Bush the magnanimous pardoned the two turkeys.


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