[Marxism] Q

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 23 14:12:52 MST 2006

>For instance Leslie mentions that Jean Baptise Von Schweitzer became 
>the leader of the German Workingmen's Party - but fails to mention 
>Karl Marx's strident homophobic opposition to this.

Von Schweitzer was a Lassallean. Marx opposed Lassalle and any of his 
followers for reasons explained in "Critique of the Gotha Programme". 
It is entirely possible that Marx might have referred to him a 
bigoted fashion in his private correspondence, but that was also true 
of Blacks and Jews. But there are no homophobic utterances in any of 
Karl Marx's public utterances, nor of Blacks or Jews. I am afraid 
that John is trying to pull the same crap that some Black 
nationalists have pulled by wrenching some unfortunate slur from 
Marx's private correspondence in order to drive a wedge between 
Marxism and Black Liberation.

>Of course, I have been lectured on this List before, on GLBT issues, 
>that people with far less knowledge or experience on these subjects, 
>want to continue to insist, that they know more of!

The issue is not knowledge but politics. You are caught between two 
worlds--the Marxism of your youth and the redbaiting mood of some 
segments of the gay left.

>No matter how much Stalinists try to re-write history, or other 
>homophobes also try, the truth will eventually become known.  They 
>are too many Gay/Lesbian archives around, to keep the truth silenced forever!

If only you spent less time smearing those who you disagree with and 
spent more time providing useful information. In the entire time you 
have been on Marxmail, I have not read a single report on the Gay 
movement's activities, just spitballs directed at Cuba and now the 
WWP. What a waste of our time and yours frankly. 

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