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John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Nov 23 13:30:48 MST 2006


Your response was less than responsive, to the points I raised about Leslie 
Feinberg's scholarship. You mention that I did not mention Dan Healey's fine 
research, as your main reply to my points.
I did not mention Dan Healey, because Leslie Feinberg did give credit for 
his actual research and scholarship, in Feinberg's writings (which I did 
actually read carefully unlike yourself!) - unlike her not recognizing James 
Steakley, because an earlier GLBT writing serie Feinberg did in the WWP 
paper, took entirely from Steakley's work and implied that Feinberg did the 
research on these subjects! I believe that this information would "diminish" 
her status as a great scholar in the WWP circles, if it was known that this 
material was plagerized and not given proper credit too!

The main points I raised in your original email praising this scholarship 

1 - Leslie Feinberg's Series of writings are not original research, but 
taken from other's work

2 - Leslie Feinberg's Series of writings are selective and not comprehensive

3 - Leslie Feinberg's Series of writings have historical inaccuracies based 
on decisions to fit into a political party line.

4 - Leslie Feinberg's Series of writings are Euro-centric based and do not 
deserve to be considered representative of Gay/Lesbian History, that 
encompasses all parts of this planet and from all periods of time.

Among those who have spent the time to research and learn Gay/Lesbian 
History, the Leslie Feinberg Series, can only be seen at best, as from a 
very narrow view and does not even cover adequately a Gay Left Euro-centric 
history, not alone Gay World History.

For instance Leslie mentions that Jean Baptise Von Schweitzer became the 
leader of the German Workingmen's Party - but fails to mention Karl Marx's 
strident homophobic opposition to this. How can the outrageous unsuccessful 
campaign by Karl Marx, not be noted in a real Gay History?  In fact Jean 
Baptiste Von Schweitzer was the First socialist, to ever be elected to the 
German parliament, also opposed by Karl Marx.  Marx's homophobic rants can 
be found in his letters to Frederick Engels on this. Any good real research 
and honest history would have included this, in particular if you were 
claiming doing some kind of Left history.  And would not mention of the 
famed German socialists be appropirate, who spoke up against Karl Marx, to 
insure that Jean Baptiste Von Schweitzer, was not expelled from that party, 
as Karl Marx wanted, but was also elected as their leader and to also be 
elected to the parliament?

And what about all the otherGay/Lesbian Left activists just in Germany, that 
are deliberately not mentioned - or maybe Leslie Feinberg is not familiar 
with - not to mention the entire rest of the world? These are SOME of the 
reasons, why I take exception, to Louis procaliming this series "as great 
scholarship". The ommissions and misrepresentations are large in number, 
that even someone with a general knowledge of this subject, could not fail 
to notice the problems with these writings, as being less than accurate or 

Of course, I have been lectured on this List before, on GLBT issues, that 
people with far less knowledge or experience on these subjects, want to 
continue to insist, that they know more of!
Or maybe, they do not want to know the truth actually about - because it 
does not fit into their political line and do not want to recognize, that 
"errors by comrades were made" -  against GLBT people by those claiming, 
that they were the perfect examples of humanity and all knowledge!

No matter how much Stalinists try to re-write history, or other homophobes 
also try, the truth will eventually become known.  They are too many 
Gay/Lesbian archives around, to keep the truth silenced forever!

Leslie Feinberg's Series is not accurate and is a narrow view and should not 
be seen in anyway as a good history.  However, I do recomend that comrades 
read the scholarship that has been done by other good researchers - 
including James Steakley whose work has been palgerized by Leslie Feinberg.

John O'Brien
Los Angeles

>From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>

>>Leslie Feinberg's earlier writings and the section on pre WWII Germany and 
>>Russia, were entirely taken from two sources: The Homosexual Emancipation 
>>Movement in Germany by James Steakley and issued by Arno Press (1975) and 
>>The Early Homosexual Rights Movement (1864 - 1935) by John Lauritsen and 
>>David Thorstad and issued by Times Change Press (1974) - that Feinberg 
>>chooses not to recognize.
>>There is no original research in Feinberg's writings, but pieces taken 
>>from others' works, who did the actual research.
>>John O'Brien
>>Los Angele, CA
>People should read Leslie's articles and make up their own mind. In any 
>case, in an article on Czarist Russia, she cites Dan Healey heavily who 
>John does not mention. The research might not be "original" but it is still 
>extremely valuable.

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