[Marxism] "The Indian Left's tightrope act" (by Praful Bidwai)

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True that there is a rift, but it has been blown out of proportion by the media purposefully to hurt the Left movement in Kerala. The base remains intact and solid, and a majority of the party faithful are averse to and above the group-mentality of some of the party functionaries. Kerala was yesterday awarded a prize of Rs. 5 crores (approx 1 million USD) by the Central government for being chosen as the best-performing state in the area of devolution of powers and finances to the local-level governments (called panchayats). The Left-led government of 1996-2001 deserves credit for this prize since a lot of initiative was taken by that government in this regard. Here too, we have local equivalents of CNN and Washington Post, who make sure they don't say the whole truth, and confuse the people and sensationalize silly issues. Political affiliation for many is still decided by the anti-communism of the Church and Muslim elites who called communists as enemies of God to malign them during the pre-independence days. It is quite difficult to remove that label from the heads of simple people, and this is the single most important factor that is stopping the Left from rapidly expanding its base in Kerala. But a lot of progress has been made though. The future looks bright for the Left in Kerala. 


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The News International
Nov 3, 2006


by Praful Bidwai

Kerala is different. There, the Left parties have
recovered their base among the poor and religious
minorities. They even defeated the Muslim League
in Muslim-dominated Malappuram. The Kerala
problem is essentially internal to the CPI (M): a
rift between the V S Achuthanandan and Pinarayi
Vijayan factions. Achuthanandan's elevation as
CM, albeit without control over portfolios like
Home, has left his rivals fuming--and plotting.
The factionalism extends to governmental
decision-making too.

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