[Marxism] Moderator's note/China

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Nov 23 20:14:53 MST 2006

Richard wrote:
>Actually, my impression is that the Cubans did use their prestige and power
>to guide their revolutionary supporters in pretty much the same way the
>Bosheviks did.

I am afraid that the Bolsheviks did a lot more than guide. Trotsky 
instructed Brandler, the head of the German CP, to launch an 
insurrection in November 1923 timed to coincide with the 6th 
anniversary of the Russian Revolution. He told the French CP what 
headline should go on their front page. And Trotsky was the best of a 
generally bad lot.

The relationship between Havana and the various guerrilla groups was 
not like this at all. Mostly, Cuba was a place where a Carlos Fonseca 
could go to learn the technical aspects of guerrilla warfare but the 
strategy and tactics of the Nicaraguan revolution had more to do with 
the political evolution of the FSLN which consisted of 3 factions, 
none of which took their marching orders from Havana.

With respect to Che "intervening" in Bolivia, this was a misguided 
effort from beginning to end but the last thing one can say about it 
was Cuba trying to micromanage a preexisting Bolivian equivalent of 
the FSLN. Indeed, if one existed, I doubt that Che would have ended 
up in the way he did. His entire enterprise smacked of parachuting 
into alien territory.

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