[Marxism] Marx and von Schweitzer

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 24 08:39:41 MST 2006

I found an article titled "Johann Baptist von Schweitzer: The Queer 
Marx Loved to Hate" by Hubert Kennedy that appeared in the 1995 
Journal of Homosexuality, volume 1. I figured that if there was any 
damning evidence of Marx's homophobic hatred of his Lassallean 
opponent, it would appear there. Although Kennedy, who is hostile to 
Marxism (he is an anarchist), tries to make the case that Marx 
opposed von Schweitzer because he was gay, his own citations make it 
abundantly clear that Marx and Engels hated him only because of his 
politics. About the most incriminating evidence that Kennedy came 
come up with is Marx's comment in a letter: ''As for the 'warm 
fraternal' letter from Schweitzer to me, this is explained simply by 
his fear that following the Nuremberg decision I might now publicly 
speak up for Wilhelm [Liebknecht] and against him.'' Kennedy says 
that 'warm fraternal' means "faggoty". Talk about clutching at straws...

In any case, I have put the entire article up on the Marxmail website 
and invite comrades to see for themselves:


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