[Marxism] Who Is Threatening Our Dinner Table?: The Power of Transnational Agribusiness

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  Who Is Threatening Our Dinner Table?: The Power of Transnational Agribusiness
by Byeong-Seon Yoon

In December 2005, anti-liberalization and 
antiglobalization protest groups around the globe 
gathered in Hong Kong where the Sixth World Trade 
Organization Ministerial Conference was being 
held. Farmers’ groups that were part of the Hong 
Kong gathering took the position that 
agricultural trade rules should be impartial to 
all World Trade Organization (WTO) member 
countries and not determined by a handful of 
agriculture-exporting countries. What suddenly 
prompted these farmers to come together in this 
way over the issues of food sovereignty and the expansion of farmers’ rights?

In today’s complex, integrated agri-food system, 
which covers everything from agricultural input 
materials to agricultural consumer products, even 
farmers, who are themselves consumers of 
agricultural products, are not aware of where and 
how the raw materials of these products are made 
and processed. Since the late 1980s, the 
liberalization of the agri-food sector has been 
rapidly taking place on a global scale in both 
developed and developing countries. In short, the 
agri-food system is undergoing reconstruction. 
This is paving the way for the global integration 
of all social participants, ranging from farmers 
to consumers, transcending national borders—with 
transnational capital at the heart of this 
integration. Accumulation of “capital sans 
nationality” has begun to expand worldwide.1 As a 
result, economic power has been transferred from 
a particular region or the national economy to 
transnational corporations and multinational organizations.2

full: http://www.monthlyreview.org/1106yoon.htm

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