[Marxism] resources on Oaxaca, globalization, & women

Huibin Amelia Chew hachew at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 13:57:19 MST 2006

hey all,

here are a some flyers a few friends and I made on Oaxaca,
globalization & women.  please feel free to use them & make copies if
they come in handy.

"People before profit" (understanding Oaxaca & US economic imperialism)

NAFTA & women in Mexico

"Women Will Not Give Up" (their role in Oaxaca & Palestine)

(also, a nice resource with continuing coverage on women in Oaxaca is


if i injected my flesh with silicone
did hundreds of situps a day
wore lacey push up bras
got surgery to correct my Asian single-eyelid
wore subtle lipstick, concealer, & gloss
made my gaze bruised with shadow & mascara
wore dainty stilleto heels & flippy skirts
got some hips
would you buy me then?

does market follow demand, or demand follow market?
i want to be the white girls of your wet dreams with million-dollar
prosthetic bodies, $40,000 makeovers, features imprinted on your cock
by billion-dollar industries

I am beautiful in my mind
until you choose them instead
slap my ugliness to my face

and you tell me you don't understand this kind of competition!
i didn't write the rules
of this game you don't recognize
you just follow the market, the ads, the art, the enterprize...
shaping the sadness of my sickness

Sisters, come together & incite
refugees of false dreams to unite.


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