[Marxism] Horrifying mess

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Yes, true that both India and Pakistan have differences on Kashmir, but at least it is obvious that Kashmir is part of both India and Pakistan, and share the same civilizational roots. Both India and Pakistan have forces in Kashmir and they will stay till both countries sort out their problems. The phrase 'bringing troops home from Kashmir' is meaningless since Kashmir is partly in India, and the army is in Kashmir to quell Pakistani ISI-sponsored internal disturbances within India, and the troops have not crossed existing Indian borders. Comparison of that to the American-British occupation of Iraq is not logical. There is no civil war in Kashmir either. Any day the violence and loss of life in Kashmir begins to grow exponentially, the Indian public will hold the government and the politicians to account. But the American-British occupation is based on lies and deception and is clearly illegal. The very fact that their military is engaged in occupying a distant and foreign land and casuing death and suffering on such a daily, massive scale ought to drive the public to action, given the assumptions of being citizens of so-called 'great democracies'. 


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Many Americans genuinely believe that the US presence is a brake to even
more chaos, rather than see it as the precipitating agent of the chaos.

It is hard for people to believe that they are disliked, Rajesh. Consider:
one could also ask how the Indian public could be so dumb that they don't
realize the idiocy of the continued Indian Army presence in Kashmir. Yet, do
you see any great upswing from the Indian public calling on the politicians
to bring the troops home from Kashmir? The ability of the ruling class
everywhere to baffle and befuddle the masses is not to be underestimated.
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