[Marxism] Would Jesus Get Out of Iraq?

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Counterpunch Weekend Edition
November 25 / 26, 2006
New Congress, Same Quagmire
Would Jesus Get Out of Iraq?


The good news is that the Republicans lost.

The bad news is that the Democrats won.

The burning issue -- US withdrawal from Iraq -- remains as far from 
resolution as before.

A clear majority of Americans are opposed to the war and almost all 
of them would be very happy if the US military began the process of 
leaving Iraq tomorrow, if not today. The rest of the world would 
breathe a great sigh of relief and their long-running love affair 
with the storybook place called "America" could begin to come back to life.

A State Department poll conducted in Iraq this past summer dealt with 
the population's attitude toward the American occupation. Apart from 
the Kurds -- who assisted the US military before, during, and after 
the invasion and occupation, and don't think of themselves as Iraqis 
-- most people favored an immediate withdrawal, ranging from 56% to 
80% depending on the area.

The State Department report added that majorities in all regions 
except Kurdish areas said that the departure of coalition forces 
would make them feel safer and decrease violence.

George W. is on record declaring that if the people of Iraq ask the 
United States to leave, the US will leave. He also has declared that 
the Iraqis are "not happy they're occupied. I wouldn't be happy if I 
were occupied either."

Yet, despite all this, and much more, the United States remains, with 
predictions from Pentagon officials that American forces will be in 
Iraq for years. Large US military bases are being constructed there; 
they're not designed as temporary structures. Remember that 61 years 
after the end of World War II the United States still has major bases 
in Germany. Fifty-three years after the end of the Korean War the US 
has tens of thousands of troops in South Korea.

Washington insists that it can't leave Iraq until it has completed 
training and arming a police force and army which will keep order. 
Not only does this inject thousands more armed men -- often while in 
uniform -- into the raging daily atrocities, it implies that the 
United States is concerned about the welfare and happiness of the 
Iraqi people, a proposition rendered bizarre by almost four years of 
inflicting upon those same people a thousand and one varieties of 
hell on earth, literally destroying their ancient and modern 
civilization. We are being asked to believe that the American 
military resists leaving because some terrible thing will befall 
their beloved Iraqi brethren. ("We bomb you because we care about 
you" ... suitable to be inscribed on the side of a cruise missile.) 
Even as I write this, on November 14, I read: "An overnight US raid 
killed six people in mainly-Shia east Baghdad, sparking angry anti-US 
protests. Thirty died in a US raid on the Sunni stronghold of Ramadi, 
Iraqi officials said."

At the same time, the American occupation fuels hostility by the 
Sunnis toward Shiite "collaborators" with the occupation, and 
vice-versa. And each attack of course calls for retaliation. And the 
bodies pile up. If the Americans left, both sides could negotiate and 
participate in the reconstruction of Iraq without fear of being 
branded traitors. The Iraqi government would lose its quisling 
stigma. And Iraq's security forces would no longer have the handicap 
of being seen to be working on behalf of foreign infidels against 
fellow Iraqis.

So why don't the Yanquis just go home? Is all this not rather odd? 
Three thousand of their own dead, tens of thousands critically 
maimed. And still they stay. Why, they absolutely refuse to even 
offer a timetable for withdrawal. No exit plan. No nothing.

No, it's not odd. It's oil.

Oil was not the only motivation for the American invasion and 
occupation, but the other goals have already been achieved -- 
eliminating Saddam Hussein for Israel's sake, canceling the Iraqi use 
of the euro in place of the dollar for oil transactions, expansion of 
the empire in the middle east with new bases.

American oil companies have been busy under the occupation, and even 
before the US invasion, preparing for a major exploitation of Iraq's 
huge oil reserves. Chevron, ExxonMobil and others are all set to go. 
Four years of preparation are coming to a head now. Iraq's new 
national petroleum law -- written in a place called Washington, DC -- 
is about to be implemented. It will establish agreements with foreign 
oil companies, privatizing much of Iraq's oil reserves under 
exceedingly lucrative terms. Security will be the only problem, 
protecting the oil companies' investments in a lawless country. For 
that they need the American military close by.

William Blum is the author of Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA 
Interventions Since World War II, Rogue State: a guide to the World's 
Only Super Power. and West-Bloc Dissident: a Cold War Political Memoir.

He can be reached at: BBlum6 at aol.com

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