[Marxism] few more thoughts on Hitchens on Tom Paine

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Nov 25 13:52:22 MST 2006

People should make it a point of checking the full review at

Since the subject of plagiarisms has come up before--in connection with Phil
Foner, among others--it's worth noting the very generous use Christopher
Hitchens made of other writers in compiling his new "book."  The review
indicates that he seems to have lifted and rearranged entire paragraphs from

On the other hand, Hitchens seemed incapable of using those sources for what
they are supposed to be used--such things as...well, facts.

The next time some fathead starts blathering on about academic "standards"
in the academy, throw some of Christ Hitchens at him.  This guy's forays
into American History are stunning in their combination of arrogance and
sophmoric inattention to reality.  For example, his earlier comparisons of
Thomas Jefferson and George W. Bush boiled down to this: Jefferson had the
navy wage an undeclared war against the city states of the Barbary coast for
stopping ships at sea and Bush invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq.
So Jefferson and Bush are similar, right?  With "standards" like that, we'd
all still be in a cave banging the rocks together.....

When will publishers tire of this literary version of "Frat Boys Go Wild"?


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