[Marxism] Kolko lashes out at "socialism"

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Nov 25 17:24:45 MST 2006

Louis Proyect wrote:
> There must be something in the air. Yoshie Furuhashi switches horses
> to Shiite radicalism.

This is simply a lie. Yoshie has not 'switched.'

She sees u.s. imperialism as an insuperable barrier to socialist
revolution, and thus sees imperialism vs. the rest of the world as the
main contradiction now facing us. On Pen-L Lou dismissed my attempt to
briefly theorize this as mere opinion. Whether that reflected Lou's
anti-marxist empiricism or merely a loss of temper I do not know.

Yoshie may be wrong in her estimation of the strength of u.s.
imperialism, but it is either stupid or dishonest to call that concern
with imperialism "shiite radicalism." _If_ that premise is correct (and
I'm not interested in arguing that here), then whoever or whatever is a
_serious_ threat to that imperialist hegemony is, _at this time_, a
friend of humanity and of the future of humanity. Given tha perspective,
Yoshie for about 8 months now has been exmaining in great detail all the
_possible_ threats to u.s. hegemony. The charges made against her are as
ridiculous as the various charges still being made against the Mao of
the 1930s for focusing on the Chinese peasantry as the chief
revolutionary force in China.


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