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Sat Nov 25 14:33:26 MST 2006

Well I went to Borat yesterday.  It was matinee time and the audience were mainly young - mixed gender.  I had read Dennis Perrin's blog on the movie and fully expected to be sick and sore with laughing.  Well I came close to sick but alas the laughter was fairly limited.  What interested me though was the audience really did not enjoy the film. There were regular cries of "that's disgusting" etc.

Was it all as bad as Walter says?  Well pretty nearly though there were moments of redemption.  The rodeo sequence was very good.  The revenge Cohan felt compelled to take for Russian etc anti-Semitism was also worthy of respect.

It is worth noting too that Afro-Americans and gays were treated well.  There was for instance an interesting contrast between the loving and the fondling that the gays permitted and the responses in the underground when Borat tried to be friendly.

I thought it was intriguing how during the undedrground sequence, "Borat" actually seemed frightened at one stage.  He lives on the edge as a comedian.

I also have to fess up to laughing at the nude wrestling sequence.  That was the grossest thing I have ever seen and I am still chuckling.

Why though is the movie so popular?  True the Brisbane audience I was with did not get it I think.  Still it is a hit movie.  For me the answer lies in the suggestion that Borat is lucky in that he is surfing the wave of anti-Americanism which is pouring over the entire world.

What about the exremental vision though that underpins this film? Borat craps in public and as Walter describes bring a bag of shite to the dining table of Middle America types.

Horrible - of course.  However if one thinks of the things that America has done is doing and is about to do then maybe handing a bag of shite to your typical American is at least an understandable reaction.



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