[Marxism] Re: Hugo Chavez is an innocent man

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 25 18:13:33 MST 2006

During an interview with Hugo Chavez -- well, more a conversation than an interview since everything was off record -- between the commander and some
Chavista journalists and some political hacks in Argentina during his visit to 
attend la "Cumbre" en Mar del Plata several months ago.

Chavez is a nice, demagogue, joking kind of guy.  He went directly to his friend
Bonasso -- former Montonero, now "independent" Kirchnerist, presumably one
of the main candidates for Buenos Aires Mayor -- he is now a congressman and
close friend of Fidel Castro... and the commander said:

- No, chico, no estoy loco -- No buddy, I'm not mad - this is most I could do: industrialize the country, get good prices for oil and gas, take irreversible steps
to engage Brasil in long term investments, get more europeans here...

- What about the revolution?

- That's the revolution I can make and I need twelve years -- no estoy bromeando, carajo -- to just leave something done.  Ah, and the military...

- What about them?

- There is a joke in mi pais: "There are two things that need to be pumping continually for me to stay in power: oil for the country, money for military projects."

Someone else interjected, jokingly...

-- Pero, comandante... los va a dejar plantados a todos esos que hablan de revolucion y de incendiar las posesiones del imperio? (Are you going to abandon all those who are expecting burning imperialism and a revolution?)

- Secarse al sol, secarse al sol... ahi se van a quedar... drying under the sun, there they should stay... I never said I would do any further than what I told Zapatero and the French, and the Germans I would go... Maybe in three or four years if we accumulate enough we can do something about the poor other than give them subsidies...maybe jobs, some credits... If you ask me, our future is in Europe, China... maybe Iran, Brasil, of ... who else is there? Ohters have no country to offer, no technology, no money, just words. Where they can go?
Rosales? MAS?

- Alguien tiene que decirle eso a Evo manana -- Tomorrow, someone has to tell
all that to Evo.

Of course, the conversation was off the record and no one pubblished it...
course.  According to Bonasso that was the end of a conversation that started
when both Fidel and Chavez showed up late one night in his
apartment couple of years back.  First was Chavez who showed up unannounce
to have a couple of drinks and then he called Fidel on the cell phone to the hotel
he was staying to join them. Fidel did.

Bonasso wrote about that meeting (which among other things helped him get elected congressman later on)

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