[Marxism] Re: Hugo Chavez is an innocent man

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 26 04:21:15 MST 2006

Sayan wrote:

[Precisely on account of being "off the record", those comments don't count.
To see what were the true political ideas of Marx, we read what he had to
say "on the record", in his public pronouncements.]

The true political ideas of a policy maker or an ideologue or, if you wish,
a leader, is the totality of his/her opinions and conduct
not just whqat he/she chooses to let you know.


[Why shouldn't we extend the same courtesy to Hugo Chavez, too?]

Courtesy?  That is the prerrogative of diplomacy, not politics.

At any rate.  What Chavez says in private meetings, is not only
of interest, but completely consistent with what he does as
a leader.  Not so with what he says pour la gallerie during
his speeches.

He would say: "Venezuelans should be the masters of their own
resources" or "oil is the lifeblood of our economy and should
belong to us."

In private he would indicate he wants to engage as much as
possible the Brazilians and the Europeans to industrialize
the country.

As a policy maker he develops the Orinoco basin with tremendous
input, investments and profits for and with the Brazilians and the
Europeans... so, he shows an inconsistency between the speech
and his government's actions, but a complete consistency
between his "private" comments and his government's policies.

Now, why should we judge Chavez as a leader based only on
what he said qat public functions? I take everything into
account.  With Marx is no different.  Whatever his flaws,
or those of Chavez, one takes the overall performance and
body of work, rather than just the work selected for the
printer or the daily news.

Contrary to some who jump on any bandwagon, for and against,
based on pure propaganda,I reserve judgement for a time on
characters like Morales or Chavez, or even Lula for a while.
Wishful thinking and hopes are bad replacements for political
theory or class-based actions.

Hopes and illusions are the material of what churches are
made of. I'm not interested in religion, at all.

I judge them (leaders) like I judge organizations' program... programs
of organizations are not just the slogans, but the whole
array of activities
and actions of an organization, including internal organizational
forms. In paper, there are more revolutionaries than in real life.


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