[Marxism] Re: Hugo Chavez is an innocent man

John Gulick john_gulick at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 26 01:29:53 MST 2006

Walter Lippmann wrote:

>There is an entire wing of the political left, a which which describes 
>itself as Marxist, which seems >to be in business spreading these 
>unsubstantiated claims...

Agreed, hidebound sects are politically irrelevant. So why devote countless 
pages to denouncing their falsehoods? Please spare us the noisy affectation 
of tut-tutting at length those you have already deemed unimportant.

>Tariq Ali is an important person on the revolutionary political left in the 
>United Kingdom. But Hugo >Chavez Frias is the elected president of 
>Venezuela. Millions of workers in Venezuela follow Hugo >Chavez. His views 
>hold more political weight in the world today than do the views of Tariq 
>Ali. >What is the point of arguing about what someone else says Tariq Ali 
>might say about what Hugo >Chavez supposedly thinks?

Agreed, in the big picture what really matters is not splitting hairs over 
the meaning of Ali's words but rather developing an informed interpretation 
of what is actually happening with the Bolivarian project domestically and 
internationally. So why then do you bombard us with diplomatic boilerplate 
and other such cloying treacle instead of substantive material enabling us 
to build up our independent Marxist judgment? Why do you expend more energy 
gratuitously declaiming about Richard Gott's writings -- thus subtly using 
Gott as a bludgeon against the imagined "detractors" of Chavez -- than 
concretely discussing what Gott actually has to say? Does your Marxism list 
audience gain from what are in effect histrionic displays of allegiance?

I suspect that many of those of us who have grown weary of your posts have 
little problem with 9/10 of your content, but great fatigue with 11/10 of 
your tone. I suppose like anyone else I could ignore your posts, but I think 
one reason why your protagonists (myself included) cannot resist locking 
horns is because your tone reminds them of why being on the Marxist left is 
sometimes such an aesthetically and existentially unpleasant experience, and 
resent the mental tax that has to be paid to stay active. For those of us 
who are relatively comfortable (by global standards, anyway) and are here by 
moral choice or intellectual convinction rather than because our material 
condition affords us no option, sometimes one begins to wonder if suffering 
tendentious windbaggery is worth the bother. (Which is not to say that you 
don't encounter this phenomenon all over the political spectrum).

I feel a little guilty about being so cross with a well-intentioned human 
being but I also feel like I had to share my perspective.

John Gulick
Akita, Japan

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