[Marxism] Holland and the Dutch SP

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 26 10:28:23 MST 2006

Dear Alex -

Thanks so much for your report and the link to the IVP article as
well. It's the most new information we've had on this unusual and
interesting political formation with rather distinctive roots in
European politics on the left and the far-left. Your English is more
than serviceable. I wish my Spanish were as "bad" as you think that
your English is!

The other lurkers out there, and you know who you are better than 
I do, should please feel strongly encouraged to post reports like
these, especially if you are living in or active in these countries
or struggles as the break out. The old parties of the left and right
are in crisis and new formations of all types are developing which
should be of interest to all of us. Your time and effort making this
information available is greatly appreciated.

Please continue to update us as things develop with this experience.
To me, the most encouraging thing about it is the apparent rejection
that it represents of the broad hostility toward immigrants, and
particullarly of Muslim immigrants, in a European country. Please let
readers of the list know some more about this issue if possible. From
what you've written, the impression I get is rather one of a certain
confusion on their part. I wouldn't want to say "speaking out of both
sides of their mouths", though that's, of course, a possibility, too.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Alex wrote:

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