[Marxism] Is white male privilege an "illusion"? (Was: Re: Troubled time)

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Nov 27 11:27:47 MST 2006

Joaquin Bustelo 

Suspect again. OF COURSE it helps them! Look at the unemployment statistics
of white Anglos compared to Blacks over a few months, a few years or a few
decades, and you will see that. Look at the education levels, the income
levels, the home ownership rates, every socio-economic indicator you can
think of tells the same story. 

CB; What follows is an impressive analysis of the statistics on income and
standard of living over several decades.

It seems, though, that Joaquin's statisical analysis shows that to some
extent the problem is not that we need a new theory exactly. The U.S.
bourgeoisie have successfully used Marxist theory only backwards. They have
through the division of workers by race institutionalized the antithesis of
the strategy of "workers of all countries ( races) , unite !". They have
made a critical mass of white working class members ( and actually signicant
portions of Black workers as well) privileged relative to the rest of the
class, by dividing the U.S. working class in to poor and "middle class",
with a significant correlation to race. This actually confirms the Marxist
theory. It is just that it confirms the theory through the ruling class
using it from their perspective, in reverse from the perspective of working
class fundamental interests. The ruling class motto is: "Rulers of the World
divide the workers by race and nationality !"

I suppose a new theory is needed in how to get around this institution of an
extremely cogent, anti-Marxist ruling class strategy.  

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