[Marxism] Win would push Chavez closer to socialist dream (MH)

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Mon Nov 27 10:02:51 MST 2006

I have to say this is one of the Miami Herald's more "insightful" articles, the
poo-pooing of a US invasion notwithstanding and D. Bravo's (shame on him!)
redbaiting of Chavez perhaps a new low. Still, all in all, it raises some
interesting discussing points for us. I'l appreciate Michael Lebowitz's point
of view here since he's "on location".

The creation of a single-pro-Chavista party. From "what I hear" there are good
things and bad things about this proposal, and, the fact that almost nothing
has been done to make this a reality since Chavez popped this question about a
year ago. One, the main Chavista "parties" are electoral formations born out of
traditional Venezuelan electoral political super-structure and in and of
themselves hardly represent much of a change. There seems to be a lot of hatred
*by Chavistas* toward the Chavista parties now "in power". So, one argument is
that a new party, united, could help clean house of the careerists and
ultra-bureaucrats that dominate the electoral wing of Bolivarian revolution.
What do people think?

Also, along these lines, HOW is this supposed to happen? In what way? Suppose
some groups try to maintain their own existence outside a supra-Chavista party?
The PSR does this now, even though it's essentially a socialist lobbying group
of the UNT's dominant faction...they would never join such a new creation as I
see it, and that goes for some of the larger formations in Congress now as

The New Rich. This is a point I don't think we've ever discussed here, and
something I'm more than willing to be educated on. I've read that there are now
more millionaires in Caracas than *ever* before. The so-called "Pro-Chavez Rich"
make their money servicing the oil industry, either directly as sub-contractors
or as financiers. It *seems* that Venezuelan Finance Capital has thrown their
lot in with the Bolivarian Revolution. Makes sense on a strictly
profit-and-loss outlook...they are financing the Revolution and getting rich
doing it. I don't know if this ever comes up among the discussions inside the
revolutionary movement, but I'm curious. I did a search on apporea.org and
could find much. One would think *someone* would make this an issue.

That's it...


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