[Marxism] National bourgeois populism

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Tue Nov 28 03:30:56 MST 2006

As to Bonasso becoming Major of Buenos Aires, the odds are simply 
ridiculously against him.

As to Chávez and his definitions on an off-the-record talk, I guess 
Master Petroni informs us that Chávez is NO MARXIST, nor SOCIALIST, 
but simply a NATIONAL BOURGEOIS POPULIST. And maybe this can be true. 
And, then, one must ask: "And so, what, Master Petroni?" So far, it 
is national bourgeois populists who made the greatest strides towards 
socialism in Latin America (to begin with: that guy in Cuba, what's-
his-name, Fidel Who, the one who the CIA was chasing because they 
considered him a Peronist agent during the late 40s).

The fact that Petroni does not comment, perhaps because he ignores 
it, is that Chávez is a politician, and a cunning one.  When he makes 
such declarations to Bonasso, it is for Bonasso to listen and comment 
to Kirchner, whith whom Chávez -and for good reasons- wants to get 
along well. Chávez speaks with a political intention, not with an 
ideological intention. Of course, some may think he is just a 
talkative demagogue. 

Chávez speaks with a purpose, ALWAYS. See what happens when Chávez 
suggests that South American Armies must have a common leadership:  
"Boos" all around from the imperialist camp. See now what happens 
when that (Heloisa Helena dixit) Quisling Lula goes to Venezuela, 
returns to Brazil, and discloses the documents drafted by the 
Brazilian military which, among others, include the proviso that 
Brazil must work to have a South American "NATO" on arms within a few 
years, starting with 2007. Nothing, nothing at all: Chávez has won 
another battle by bolstering the best tendencies in one of his 
Southerner allies. And between Chávez's "Joint South American Armed 
Forces" and Brazil's "South American Treaty Organization" there is 
almost no difference. What really matters is that the goal is 

And that is why Chávez can do a revolution. Because he is a serious 
man, not a chatterbox. A politician, not an ideologue. A 
revolutionary, not a counter-revolutionary clad "bright red".

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> During an interview with Hugo Chavez -- well, more a conversation than
> an interview since everything was off record -- between the commander
> and some Chavista journalists and some political hacks in Argentina
> during his visit to attend la "Cumbre" en Mar del Plata several months
> ago.
> Chavez is a nice, demagogue, joking kind of guy.  He went directly to
> his friend Bonasso -- former Montonero, now "independent" Kirchnerist,
> presumably one of the main candidates for Buenos Aires Mayor -- he is
> now a congressman and close friend of Fidel Castro... and the
> commander said:

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