[Marxism] Chavez Dedicates Electoral Triumph to Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 27 12:57:43 MST 2006

Phony rightist "populism" was defeated in Ecuador yesterday and so
let's hope that it will be similarly defeated in Venezuela this coming
weekend. That's what the polls are saying now, but Washington is
probably freaking out at those results, but fearing even more that
the same will happen in Venezuela this coming weekend. 

A CubaNews reader just sent the following notes on yesterday's 
final mobilization in Venezuela. It seems Rosales is trying to do
the same kind of trick as Naboa tried in Ecuador. Of course the
idea Rosales is pushing, were it to be implemented, would point
the people of Venezuela into thinking in individualistic terms, and
not to think socially or act politically, but to think personally and
privately. This is exactly the wrong way to go. There should be 
no question in the minds of any socialist or Marxist in answering
the question: Which side are you on? Please check this out:

Yesterday, Chavez had a rally of 2 million people in Caracas.

Among other things, Chavez declared that if the opposition won, he
would immediately recognize its victory. He challenged the opposition
to also announce, before hand, that they would recognize the outcome.

The Rosales campaign has offered to give an ATM card to every adult
in the country and they could retrieve 1 million bolivares per month
(almost 2 times the minimum wage) from the income generated by 
the sale of oil. Now, THAT, is "populism" The ATM promise is called 
"Mi Negra" [My Black Woman, although it supposedly refers to oil]...

Of course, if every adult gets 1 million bolivares per month, then,
no one would work for the minimum wage. That should delight the
capitalist class...

"The heart of the Rosales campaign is a debit card called Mi Negra -
the black oil card. This oil-wealth-to-families debit card is a major
departure from decades of Venezuelan government failures to address
poverty by investing 20% of Venezuela's oil wealth directly via ATMs
in the population, over half of which is poor. Two-thirds of
Venezuelans favor direct oil wealth payments to families, which
Alaska used in the 1970s to defeat poverty and stimulate economic
growth there as I outline in my book. Mi Negra has struck the same
responsive chord in Venezuela that the Permanent Fund did in Alaska."

DETAILS ON Rosales's "Mi Negra" scheme

However, if you want to benefit, you need to sign "in" BEFORE the
election at a "punto azul". See:

"According to information available at the Puntos Azules and Manual
Rosales' website, atrevetevenezuela.org, this plan would give all
eligible persons around one million bolivares per month. The Mi Negra
card would have a function somewhere between a debit card and food
stamps. Approximately 600,000 bolivares ($280 USD) of the total could
be spent any way the recipient chooses, while 400,000 bolivares would
be exclusively for purchasing food. This is a sizeable quantity of
money for the ordinary Venezuelan considering that the minimum wage
is approximately $250 per month. The eligibility requirements for
this card have yet to be quantitatively established but everyone is
encouraged to fill out the form. The opportunity for this money draws
a modest line of Venezuelans to the puntos azules but considering
that these tents are far outnumbered by their counterparts the number
of people signing up in advance for the Mi Negra card is relatively



Chavez Dedicates Electoral Triumph to Cuba

Havana, Nov 27 (ACN) During a mass rally held in Caracas, Venezuela, to
celebrate the end of the electoral campaign, President Hugo Chavez said
he will dedicate his triumph to the 50th anniversary of the Granma
yacht expedition.

Aboard the yacht Granma, 82 revolutionaries set sail from Mexico in
1956 to fight against the United States economic and political control
over Cuba since 1902.

This expedition opened up a new period in the wars of liberation of the
island which culminated with the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in

The Venezuelan leader also extended his dedication to Cuban President
Fidel Castro and to Latin America, reports the newspaper Trabajadores.

Last Sunday, nearly two million Venezuelans gathered in Caracas' main
avenues to take part in one of largest mass rallies ever staged in that

According to PL news agency, most of Chavez supporters marched dressed
in red, bearing placards and playing typical Venezuelan music.

Chavez is the candidate favorite to win the presidential elections on
December 3 -pre-election polls show him with 60 percent while his main
rival has only between 20 to 30 percent chance of winning.

November 27, 2006

Massive Pro-Chavez Rally in Caracas

The largest gathering in the history of Venezuela took place Sunday
in Caracas.

CARACAS, November 26.-As many as two million people gathered in
Caracas Sunday in support of the reelection campaign of Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez, estimated Caracas Mayor Freddy Bernal,
reported Prensa Latina.

A red sea of Chavez supporters filled downtown Caracas. 

Chavez reminded his supporters that when he first won the presidency
in 1998 he received 54 percent of the vote; 56 percent in the
election following approval of a new constitution in 2000; and 60
percent in a recall referendum in 2004. The charismatic leader said
he hopes to top those votes in the Sunday December 3 vote.

Chavez said he would dedicate his victory to the 50th anniversary of
the landing of the Granma yacht that carried an expeditionary force
of Cubans and internationalists from Mexico to Cuba led by Fidel
Castro, who would go on to topple the Batista dictatorship.

The Venezuelan leader told his followers to be wary of any attempts
of the undemocratic opposition not to recognize the election results.
In that light, he called on the Ministries of Interior, Justice and
Defense "to be on alert."

"We must be ready to prevent any acts of sabotage," said Chavez. He
called on the authorities and workers to guard important
infrastructure such as electricity plants and communications centers.

"If I lose the elections, I'll come out immediately to recognize my
defeat," said Chavez adding, "It would be good if the opposition
candidates do the same."

However, the president noted that his adversaries haven't done so in
the past, which may mean "they are preparing to reject the electoral
results." Chavez said nobody should let the guard down "until we
consolidate the victory."

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