[Marxism] White "Privilege"

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Nov 28 05:58:33 MST 2006

Without mentioning any names, I can only regard race-based analysis of "white" workers and the state of the labor movement in the U.S. as fantastically untrue.  The greatest gains of U.S. unions were made during segregation.   The rise of the Civil Rights movement saw a concomitant decline in the number of organized workers.  Further, the decline in unionization is mirrored in virtually every other industrialized nation, regardless of its racial character.   In fact, such declines have been even more precipitous in homogenized societies relative to the U.S.   Yes, of course it would have been better if whites had united with blacks and browns and reds, but to say that every worker would now be making $20 per hour with 100% health coverage is simply foolish and totally disregards the economic milieu in which economies and labor movements develop.

White workers in the U.S. did not unite with workers of other colors for the same reason workers from other countries choose to emigrate rather than stay and fight in solidarity with their "own" workers.  Economics, not politics, dictate the choice for most people, workers or no.    As political consciousness develops through the economic struggle, yes, this may change, but racist explanations of workers behavior simply do not hold water, regardless from which quarter they emanate.

Louis Godena

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