[Marxism] Is white male privilege an "illusion"?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Nov 28 09:56:23 MST 2006


If it's arrogant to expect that you're going to read what other people write
before you attack positions they don't hold, then I am arrogant.

I am definite not as bright as I should be, because, if I were, I should
never have thought (once again) that I could engage in a civil exchange when
you're involved.

You didn't read what I wrote, so I suppose neither of us should be surprised
that you respond to things I never said and positions I've never taken.  And
it's certainly not just me.  You do it repeatedly and with all sorts of
people on the list.

It seems to me that the contempt you regularly display for the intelligence
of your colleagues here bespeaks a deeper contempt for the subject.

So I'll bow out of this and let you formulate your "line" and tell the rest
of us what you're going to have the real world ignore for the next fifty

I expect that, at some point, I'll have a chance to discuss this vital
subject with Joaquin and others who take it seriously and are interested in
that vital question of "What is to be done"--which I've now raised three
times in connection to this discussion and found it repeatedly ignored.

Clearly I was arrogant for asking.

Go read your Lenin and have fun.


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