[Marxism] Laundry politics

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Nov 28 20:41:32 MST 2006

Nestor is a reliable reporter on the politics of the region, and I'll take
his critical assessment of Chavez, but we should recognize one very
important difference from Argentina in the 1950s.

Right now, the US is preoccupied elsewhere and will not emerge from this
crisis in the Middle East more powerful than it went into it.  I listened to
Jimmy Carter interviewed today on his new book, which bluntly describes the
conditions Israel has imposed on the Palestinians.  The divisions that exist
in ruling circles...the crisis of confidence they are now flaunting before
us...is gratifying.

This is very good for initiatives by the Latin American movement.  And,
whatever the sincerity of Chavez (or lack of it), the kind of rhetoric he
uses is contributing to a dynamic that will hopefully enjoy a greater
freedom to unfold than did Peronism in Argentina.


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