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> Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 03:21:15 -0800 (PST)
> From: Carlos Petroni <cepetroni at yahoo.com>
> Subject: [Marxism] Re: Hugo Chavez is an innocent man
> Sayan wrote:
> [Precisely on account of being "off the record", those comments don't
> count. To see what were the true political ideas of Marx, we read what
> he had to say "on the record", in his public pronouncements.]
> The true political ideas of a policy maker or an ideologue or, if you
> wish, a leader, is the totality of his/her opinions and conduct not
> just whqat he/she chooses to let you know.

Yes, the "underpants cleaning mood of history".  Very typical indeed. 
Master Petroni shakes hands with Isaiah Berlin's "Doctor Marx" here.

But let us accept this rather petty kind of politics that Master 
Petroni invites us to try. In such a case, what is he 
"demonstrating"? That Chávez is, at worst, a national bourgeois 
demagogue, and at best a fuzzy-minded petty bourgeois revolutionary.  

Ah, yes, veils must be taken off the eyes of those idiotic followers 
of Latin American demagogues! 

I, for one, have never claimed otherwise: I have repeatedly and 
consistently said that Chávez's revolution, today, resembles that of 
Perón in Argentina 55 years ago like a clone willow resembles its 
original plant. 

And that as a Marxist, and a good reader of Trotsky, I give such 
regimes my full critical support (please note the _critical_ part is 
an ADJECTIVE, while the _support_ part is a NOUN: I am not speaking 
of "supportive criticism" but rather of active engagement in defense 
of those revolutions, which they are, OK?)

What Petroni can't explain, however, is why is it that imperialism hates 
Chávez while Petroni and his local friends in Argentina make the US 
Embassy roar in laughter or myrth each time they attack -Chávez, 
the demagogue!

Same words used against Perón by the Petronis of those times -and, 
again, the US Embassy among other unsavory types!

> Sayan:
> [Why shouldn't we extend the same courtesy to Hugo Chavez, too?]
> Courtesy?  That is the prerrogative of diplomacy, not politics.

> Contrary to some who jump on any bandwagon, for and against,
> based on pure propaganda,I reserve judgement for a time on
> characters like Morales or Chavez, or even Lula for a while.
> Wishful thinking and hopes are bad replacements for political
> theory or class-based actions.

Agreed. And miserable procastination (at best) by fearful and anti-
popular petty bourgeois who speak "Leftese" but think "pettybourgese-
colonialese" is no better. 

> Hopes and illusions are the material of what churches are
> made of. I'm not interested in religion, at all.

Save for the Rabbinic sects of the Buenos Aires "Left", of course.

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