[Marxism] Argentina: Violent government's repression against Human Rights march

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 12:47:57 MST 2006

Yesterday, a demonstration organized by Human Rights, left, student and 
community organizations in the City of La Plata, capital of the Province of
Buenos Aires was violently repressed by the state's police.  There are
a number of wounded and arrested.

The demonstration was marching to the house of notorious genocide
Rodolfo Gonzalez Conti, security secretary of Buenos Aires during
the last military dictatorship. This is a common practice in the last
several years called "escrache" when demonstrators surround a house
of a known assassin or torturer of the military to alert neighbors and call
the attention to the confortable and luxurious way in which they live.

Rodolfo Gonzalez Conti was enjoyed, in spite his crimes, what is called
"domiciliary arrest" or serving detention at his own home awaiting the
verdict of a trial now in progress. Gonzalez Conti was also a chief of
police and it was in charge of at least three concentration camps at
two of which Julio Lopez was held when he was "dissappeared".

Julio Lopez was a witness at one of Gonzalez Conti's accomplices and
partner in crime, Etchecolatz, who was recently given prison for life. Lopez
was "dissappeared" the day of the Etchecolatz verdict by paramilitary goons
most likely linked to the police and the armed forces.

The case has prompted a national crisis for the government of Nestor Kirchner
which is perceived
as doing too little, too late to dismantle the repressive apparatus still in
existence within the Armed Forces and the police.

The police and armed elements in civilian clothes surrounded the house of
Gonzalez Conti and without provocation attacked the protestes.  A violent
confrontation ensued.

More information and in a hour or so a photo gallery can be seen here:


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