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Wed Nov 29 11:22:20 MST 2006

1) As to the Jorge Julio López case, you, Master Petroni can bet to it that I am doing more and more serious things than you and the gang of stupid middle-class liberals (ah, yes, clad ultraleft) who have reduced all revolutionary politics in Argentina to a miserable "human-rightism" a la Carter only because they tried class struggle and found it thorny and murderous, something that the Arg working class knew long (and without even a hint of a complain) before you and your similars ever guessed it would be such a hard thing to live through. 

2) I would also add that this ¨leftish" liberalism of yours is both 

(a) clearly homogeneous with the worst tendencies of the old Arg antiperonist middle classes and their stale Benjamin Constant styled (and colonized) "compassionate liberalism" (only that now it is industrialized for your own benefit) and 

(b) a very useful but dirty polemic trick that uses the victims of the paramilitary and similars to clog any debate on what to do with the heirs of the Proceso and on whether you and all those like you, Petroni, made any mistakes during the 60s and 70s. If you want to use use other people´s lives to avoid debate, do it elsewhere: while I am a Marxmail subscriber I will expose your bad consciousness every time you display it. 

3) Of course, American and foreign comrades ignore a lot of things and tend to rely on your view in the same sense that 99% of the Argentinean people reject it. But, Petroni, I repeat: respect Marxmail, which is not the place to display your chicanery, your hatred against the national movement of the Argentinean people such as it is, and your "Leftist" McCarthyism. You see, we in the Izquierda Nacional, that is we the Latin American Marxists, are harder to kill than a few depoliticized remarks by you.

4) Lest I forget: if you want the paramilitary to close ranks with the military, the best recipe is to blame¨"the military" for all that happens of evil in Argentina.  It looks that forty years have taught you nothing. Some people never learn. You are one among them.

5) Last but not least, and not as a menace, but just as a useful piece of information for your own benefit, Master Petroni:

Your irresponsible behavior, as testified by the squinted hint that I am clueless as to the Arg military situation or the J.J. López case (when maybe I know better than you, among other reasons because López is a Peronist of "orthodox", not "leftist", origin, and I could, if I wanted to, trace all his story back to the 50s) will not pass unchallenged again.  

Please don´t force me to publicly disclose what was it you were doing in Mar del Plata during the early 70s, your later ramblings along ultraleft politics and the glorious deeds of the Facundo Quiroga Brigade. Please don´t go on with your foolish campaign against my political reliability. There are lots of savoury anecdotes about you that I know from the best sources, which I am kind enough not to comment here.

6) If you want to debate politics, Petroni, I might -provided I am bored enough and I have enough spare time to waste- join. But smear campaigns will be answered with a bucketful of shit after another. Your political life has loaded many such devices, and I have some quite handy. 

As to what do I understand as a smear campaign against me, let me tell you that any such posting as the one you sent today to Marxmail in answer to Mark Lause fits my definition. If you don´t consider it such, then this testifies to the lowly and dark netherlands where you have taken politics, in a most Hegelian way to disclose what was actually hiding below your enragé politics of the 70s: a sepoy "Leftist", of the worst ilk: red outside, snow white inside.

Don´t force me to do what I don´t want to do, Petroni. I can be patient as Job, but my patience does definitely have a limit.

Néstor Gorojovsky

Néstor Gorojovsky

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