[Marxism] 92-year-old woman gunned down by police

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Wed Nov 29 11:33:34 MST 2006

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In the context of the class "vs." nation debate, I think this is worth
discussing. The context is that of a drug raid, where cops allegedly
thought crack was being dealt from this home.

I think it's worth noting that these sorts of incidents rarely happen
when cops conduct raids of "whiter" drug busts, such as marijuana
growers or crystal meth.


On November 21, 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was gunned down by Atlanta

Why the cops were there wasn't exactly clear; the story has changed
several times. The current line is that a police informant bought drugs
there; however, the informant has denied doing so.

In any event, the cops "visited" Ms. Johnston with a "no-knock"
warrant; this form of warrant allows the police to bust in to your home
without identifying themselves. The result of this being that you have
no idea if the person busting into your home is a police officer with a
warrant or someone about to rob, rape, and/or kill you.

According to the CNN article, neighbors said that "Johnston lived alone
and was so afraid of crime in her neighborhood west of downtown Atlanta
that she wouldn't let neighbors who delivered groceries for her come
into her home."

So this elderly woman, terrified of crime in her neighborhood, had her
door broken down in the middle of the night by unknown assailants. She
grabbed her firearm and tried to defend herself, hitting three of the
assailants. They then opened fire and killed her.

Had the assailants been members of a street gang, Ms. Johnston would be
lauded as a hero. Instead, an "inquiry" is being opened, with the
murderous thugs placed on "administrative leave." (Essentially, a paid
vacation while the city tries to cover its ass.)

Needless to say, the Black community is absolutely livid--a woman was
killed in her own home, and had no idea it was the police when they
barged in. Neal Boortz, who never misses a chance to tell people of
color how sleazy they are, is up in arms; the people who are pissed are
"race whores," and the cops were engaging in "self-defense."

Uh, no. Kathryn Johnston was engaged in self-defense. The police were
engaging in "breaking and entering."

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