[Marxism] "America" finds a scapegoat: Those awful Iraqis have ruined our wonderful invasion!

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Nov 29 16:08:21 MST 2006

We are fast approaching a moment when the USA has to pull out voluntarily or be prepared to take casualties fighting its way out.

Scott Ritter forecast that this was the year it would all fall apart in Iraq and he is being proved very correct.

There will be no permanent US bases in Iraq - no big embassy -no pro-consul masking as the American Ambassador- no juicy reconstruction contracts. Zilch

It is true that the journalist Nir Rosen claims that the present civil war will escalate into a Sunni-Shia conflict over a number of nations, with the likelihood that Jordan's puppet king will lose his throne.

However the withdrawal of US troops also allows for another senario where the Shia and the Sunni come to an agreement to end the slaughter and work for Arab unity.

In any case we have come along way from the triumphalism of 'Mission Accomplished'.

Fred is also correct IMO when he points out the beneficial effects of the defeat of the Coalition of the Willing on the Left world wide. More than anything it points out the weaknesses and limits of Pax Americana.  This could not have been shown up more clearly when al Maliki, the Iraqi figurehead, felt obliged to snub George Bush - the leader of the world's most powerful army.

I am not doubting that terrible things will happen from here but over all the dominant note will be progressive as the defeat that imperialism has suffered becomes ever more obvious.



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