[Marxism] Re The Internationale

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
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I think it was a group of the Canadian Trots that used to do a really rowdy
bang up version with kazoos!  The International is not to be sung as a great
formal hymn, but an anthem of class defiance that simply refuses to be


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>Alisdair Hullett sings a version that rivals Billy Bragg's -- Actually
>I prefer the clarity of his tone to Bragg's. That the video was done
>by 2 teenagers and focusses on the anti-militarist theme of the anthem
>makes it all that more moving. The last time my brother visited, we 2
>gray beards were rivetted, taking great hope from idea fact these two
>young people had done such a nice job on their own with this musically
>difficult hymn.

The film includes an interview with a Jamaican member of the
CPUSA--Richard Hamilton, I believe--who introduces a reggae version!

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