[Marxism] Re: Ahmadinejad's latest missive

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 18:59:36 MST 2006


"The Zionists "imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the
banking, financial, cultural and media sectors." That's what those
sneaky Zionists know how to do, don't they?..."

"...the Zionists subverted David
Rockefeller and turned him into an agent of their conspiracy by
imposing themselves on him, especially that fat, greasy financier
Moishe Jewstein."


Sure. Ahmadinejad IS an idiot and his explanations sound
pretty much like the old Southerner KKK or the American Nazi

But then, how do we answer the question as to why the US is so
adamantly in favor of economic and military and diplomatic
uncritical support of whatever crimes the Zionists decided
to perpetrate?

Gas, oil, geopolitical reasons that are more than favorable
to the US bourgeoisie? Because the unreliabilty of the
Saudis and other arab despots?

Sure.  But it is a bit more complicated than that.  There is racism
and racism makes choices, yes, like those who choose the
lesser evil.  For American racists - before antisemites --
now the Israelies are the "lesser evil" compared with the
dark-skinned Arabs.

The question of the lobby is return for the investments. It is
not that the Israelies are influencing politics in the US
and thus received the benefits of the US foreign policies
but the other way around.  They DO influence politics, elections
and parts of Congress through lobbying and tons of money and,
yes, votes, the Zionists control an small but significant
% of the vote on Election Day as a payback to their counter
parts in the American bourgeoisie.

It is not as some say that the US is fighting Israel's
wars but Israel is fighting the US wars. How the Palestinians
and the Arabs would accept the US as "mediator" in their
negotiations with Israel was always lacking any rationale
for me.

"it's part of the main thesis of James
Petras and others who believe that Zionist influence outweighs imperialist
class interest."


I think Petras and Blankfort are addressing a real problem,
which is the Zionist lobby influence in some elections.
That's a legitimate point to raise.  If not, ask Cinthia
McKinley (sp?). But the lobbying is not the determinante
factor of US policies, US interests are.

I think Louis made that point.

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