[Marxism] Action alert over Zim arrests

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Wed Nov 29 19:10:35 MST 2006

If you wish to contact the Bulawayo Police force to
ask them why they think it is necessary to beat
innocent women, you can reach them on +263  09 72515,
263 09 61706, 263 09 63061, 263 09 69860 (Central
Police Station).


Dear All

Below please find WOZA`s latest press release on
action taken today in Bulawayo.  We are urgently
requesting you to help by trying to phone the police
station numbers given at the end of the press release.
 It will probably be hard to get through but please
persevere; late night/early morning calls are likely
to be the most successful.  Remember – for the cost of
a call to Zimbabwe you CAN make a difference; while
many police are brutal in obedience to the ruthless
regime, others are sympathetic to the plight of their
compatriots and we need to let both groups know that
the world is watching.

We also attach the latest WOZAMOYA (WOZA`s nesletter)
and a copy of their People`s Charter.  We plan to hold
a meeting in central London in the near future to
discuss the charter and plan support activities.  If
you would like to attend such a meeting please reply
to this e-mail indicating your interest so that we can
judge numbers before finding a venue.  Please also
indicate whether evenings (around 7pm) or weekends are
better for you. 

It`s time for WOZA supporters in the diaspora to be
active and noisy!

Aluta continua!

Lois (for WOZASolidarity)

Today`s WOZA Press Release:-

At least sixty-three Women Of Zimbabwe Arise and four
Men Of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA/ MOZA) members, as well as
six babies were arrested this morning, during a
peaceful launch of the People’s Charter. They were
taken to Bulawayo Central Police Station; although it
is possible that one vehicle was diverted elsewhere as
some members known to be arrested have not arrived at
Central. WOZA leaders Jenni Williams and Magodonga
Mahlangu are amongst those arrested. Lawyers have been
briefed and are in attendance.

Levels of police brutality were especially high with
many people being beaten and requiring medical
attention, including a young baby. Police took six
members to Mpilo Hospital for medical attention,
including one woman who was seriously injured and may
have a broken leg. After not receiving medical
attention at the over-extended government medical
facility, she has been transferred to a private
hospital for treatment. 

Hundreds of WOZA and MOZA members marched peacefully
through central Bulawayo today to the government
offices at Mhlanhlandlela. There was an almost
carnival atmosphere to the procession with the singing
marchers handing out leaflets and copies of the
People’s Charter, which were eagerly accepted by

They began to read out the People’s Charter before
approximately 30 riot police arrived and began to
arrest them. In typical WOZA fashion, members sat down
peacefully and waited to be arrested. This did not
satisfy the bloodlust of the Zimbabwe Republic Police
and they began to viciously assault the peaceful group
members with batons sticks, forcefully dispersing most
of the group of over 200 that were waiting to be

There are fears that police might also have arrested a
lot of other passers-by as the police were seen
pulling a man from his car and arresting him. Among
the arrested is a pastor from the Presbyterian Church.
When members who had been dispersed tried to hand
themselves in to Central Station in solidarity, they
were denied entrance and chased away. 

The People’s Charter is a result of a yearlong
countrywide consultation. This day was selected as a
fitting day to launch the Charter and demand social
justice for all Zimbabweans. The protest was also
conducted in defiance of the Public Order Security Act
(POSA) but in accordance with constitutional freedoms
of assembly and expression.  Bulawayo, the WOZA
stronghold, was seen as an appropriate start to a
series of protests that will roll out around Zimbabwe.

If you wish to contact the Bulawayo Police force to
ask them why they think it is necessary to beat
innocent women, you can reach them on +263  09 72515,
263 09 61706, 263 09 63061, 263 09 69860 (Central
Police Station).

More details will be released when they become

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