[Marxism] Indigenous mobilisations + Morales threats split right in order to push through agrarian reform

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Wed Nov 29 19:05:02 MST 2006

Bolivia's land reform unstoppable, Morales says

LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) - Leftist leader Evo Morales told thousands
of landless Bolivian Indians at a rally on Tuesday that he will push
through his far-reaching land reform regardless of an opposition
boycott in the Senate.

Morales told the protesters, many of whom walked for weeks to La Paz
to support land reform, that if the Senate does not ratify his bill,
he will issue a presidential decree that would allow his government to
redistribute land to poor peasants.    "We are not afraid to issue a
decree to put an end to large estates," he told supporters......

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Bolivia passes major land reform

Rory Carroll, Latin America correspondent, Guardian, Wednesday November 29, 2006

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales, has secured a sweeping land
reform bill with the help of thousands of indigenous peasants who
marched on the capital, La Paz.

To the jubilation of his supporters, Mr Morales signed the bill into
law at a midnight ceremony last night after overcoming fierce
resistance from senators representing large landowners......Mr Morales
threatened to bypass the senate with a presidential decree, and the
pressure increased when 3,000 peasants, many in ponchos and straw hats
and chewing coca leaves, marched into the capital to back him.

Yesterday the opposition buckled. A senator from the conservative
Podemos party and assistants representing two senators from smaller
parties voted with MAS to pass the bill.......

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