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> >Ahmadinejad's view is simply the same method as Petras and Blankfort
on this
> >question.
> >
> >David
> I think it is a bit worse. The arguments about a Zionist lobby tend
> to focus on lobbying, funding of campaigns, etc. This is a legitimate
> line of inquiry even if it is somewhat lacking in a class analysis.
> But this business about Zionists "imposing" themselves on the banking
> and financial sectors is plain stupid. It is a throwback to Henry
> Ford, Father Coughlin and all the rest.

I don't know about Blankfort, but Petras says more or less exactly the
same as Ahmedinejad, with less excuse given his Marxist background.
Here's an example:

"The sayanim, derived, according to Victor Ostrovsky, from the Hebrew
word 'to help' are a huge world-wide network of Jews in strategic or
useful places (real estate, mass media, finance, car dealerships etc.)
who have been agreed to help in Israeli Mossad actitivies within their
own countries. This has been ascribed to the supra-national loyalty
sayanim offer to Israel, above and not always in the interest of their
home country."

"Once again Israel and especially its overseas operatives have placed
the expansion and militarist interests of Israel above the interests of
the people of the US and Europe. "Is it good for the Jews?": A criterion
as defined by the Israeli state, has led to the blind alley of massive
confrontations, deepening animosity between Arabic/Muslim peoples and
Western regimes."


Yep, it's all those Jewish financiers and 'car dealers' (?) with their
"supra-national loyalties" that cause these terrible conflicts between
the West and the peoples of the Middle East. Amazing what becomes of
"marxism' in some quarters. Wow.

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