[Marxism] Collusion between loyalist paramilitaries and British forces

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Thu Nov 30 03:06:07 MST 2006

From: Pat Finucane Centre
(Lawyer Pat Finucane was assassinated by loyalists working for "security" 

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Subject: Irish Parliamentary report on Collusion online

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:21:12 -0000

Irish Parliamentary report on Collusion online

An Irish Parliamentary (Dail) report on Collusion, released this afternoon, 
is now available online. The PFC  [Pat Finucane Centre] gave evidence to the 
parliamentary sub-committee, and a recent report on collusion commissioned 
by the PFC, the Panel report, has been added as an appendix to the document. 
The Sub-Committee found extensive evidence of collusion between loyalist 
paramilitaries and British forces. The Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) 
Bertie Ahern TD described the findings as "deeply disturbing."

PFC researcher Alan Brecknell, whose father died in one of the gun/bomb 
attacks carried out by members of a UVF/RUC/UDR gang based at Glenanne in 
South Armagh, welcomed the report and called on the Northern Secretary of 
State to "release the documents which to date have been withheld from the 
Irish Government, NGOs and families. It's time to come clean on the links 
between the northern security forces and loyalist paramilitaries."


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