[Marxism] An inside look at Nicaragua's elections

John Riddell johnriddell at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 30 07:55:12 MST 2006

Writing from Managua, Phil Cournoyer describes in Socialist Voice the Nicaraguan elections as experienced by the Sandinista movement, under the headline "Nicaraguan Voters Rebuff Imperialism: Vote for Ortega Shows Identification with 1979 Revolution."

See http://www.socialistvoice.ca/Soc-Voice/Soc-Voice-101.htm

A companion article outlines the Sandinista National Liberation Front's evolution since it was ousted from government in 1990: "From Revolutionary to National Bourgeois Party."

See http://www.socialistvoice.ca/Soc-Voice/Soc-Voice-102.htm

John Riddell

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