[Marxism] WSJ op-ed: let Iraqis vote on withdrawal

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Thu Nov 30 15:34:55 MST 2006

Marvin wrote:

What's more surprising is that the Sadrists, the largest coherent political force in Iraq calling for a US withdrawal, haven't floated the idea of a popular referendum, if only as a powerful tool to rally domestic and international opinion. They or other anti-occupation Iraqi groups haven't done so to my knowledge at least.

My comment:

I wondeer how you meant 'coherent' in this context, Marvin.  Sadrism seems to me to be intrinsically incoherent in political terms.  

The movement was started by the father to weaken the influence of communism among the Shiite poor. Because of that it still bears traces of oppositionalism vis a vis other Shiite movements especially the establishment around Sistani.  

Moqtada is anti-Iranian but I think that this again is a negative movement against the al-Hakim clan which has been so directly sponsored by the Iranians.

Al Sadr too claims to be an Iraqi nationalist yet he is poised, if Nir Rosen is correct, to launch a series of brutal pogroms against the Sunnis in Baghdad.  That will probably precipitate a regional war involving Sunni nation against Shia naiton. The inevitable consequence surely will be that Shia Iraq will be a dependency of Shia Iran.

In that context Sadrism 'coherence' will certainly dissolve.



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