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Vol. 3 Issue #6

To view or to download the whole paper 
in .pdf visit: www.firethistime.net

FIRE THIS TIME Vol. 3 Issue 6 features articles on the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the US threats to North Korea. Also including an interview with Indigenous activist Kat Norris. Special features on the 2006 Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba and the Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade. As well, articles on local issues of cuts to women's programs and the fight for social housing. And much more!

For more on the articles highlighted below and more, download the .pdf or contact us to get a printed issue:

--->Iraq: US & UK Ruling Classes Debate Delaying Complete Catastrophe 
“Imagine that! After a 3 year barrage of press clips from top US and UK officials in both business and army suits emphasizing the daily victories and broad public support for the occupation of Iraq - and the newest head of the British military steps up and admits something completely different. He’s not the only one. [...]"

--->Afghanistan on the Record: Why have Canada and NATO failed in Afghanistan?
"NATO’s ruthless bombing campaign against Afghan civilians has torn apart the last shreds of a mask of a “peacekeeping and reconstruction” operation. The October 26 bombings, which killed uncounted scores of civilians, mark the 5-year anniversary of the occupation of Afghanistan with the highest number of civilian deaths by multi-national forces since the October 2001 invasion. NATO’s turn to increasingly ruthless tactics are a result of the fact that anti-occupation sentiment is growing among people in Afghanistan, and the resistance movement is widespread among civilians. Clearly, NATO has failed to “win hearts and minds’ of Afghan people. [...]"

--->Hands off Korea!
“On October 8th North Korea announced that they had successfully completed a nuclear weapons test. On October 9th, the new attacks on North Korea began. [...]"

--->Cuba: the truth about human rights
“Human rights and democracy, among other concepts such as governance and human security, are commonly manipulated by the great powers in putting in place mechanisms of domination. It is both ironic and deceptive that the US, having systematically used the economic blockade as a coercive measure and, in the case of Cuba, violated all sorts of people’s rights, portrays itself in the face of world opinion as the principal defender of governance, democracy and human rights. [...]"

--->Conservative Government of Canada says to Women: "Be Good Girls - Be Quiet"
"The Conservative government has proclaimed its cut to funding for the Status of Women agency and completely eliminated the Court Challenges Program. Announcing a severe cut of 38.5% of the agency’s budget, removing “women’s equality” from the goals of the agency, pulling all funding for advocacy, lobbyists, or general research around women’s issues, and finally chopping the head off of the Court Challenges Program, this announcement was a big attack on women in Canada. [...]"

--->We're still fighting for our rights: an interview with Kat Norris of the Indigneous Action Movement
“I’m the coordinator for the Indigenous Action Movement and I organized this event to coincide with the last day of the residential school settlement hearing, because a lot of our people are offended by this process. A lot of our people say that we as people weren’t notified and that this was done backwards. They should have talked to the people first and then made the decision, but what they did was they went ahead and made the decision, and now they’re talking to our people? You know, the thing is already a done deal, and they’re making a play at talking to the people, when our people don’t truly have a say in this. [...]"

FIRE THIS TIME Vol. 3 Issue 6 is available free in shops and community centers, as well as on the street around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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