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CPI(ML) holds nationwide protests against Mudigonda
The Communist Party of India (ML) organized protests
in all parts of the country on July 30 to condemn the
incident of police firing on agitating peasants and
agrarian workers at Mudigonda in Khammam district of
AP occurred on 28 July and condemned the brutal
massacre of rural poor and Left activists in Congress
ruled Andhra Pradesh.
In the national capital, Delhi, a protest
demonstration was held out from Mandi House to Andhra
Bhavan. This was led by Party General Secretary
Dipankar Bhattacharya. On reaching AP Bhavan, angry
protestors demanded to submit a memorandum but police,
in the most shameful manner, started water cannons
without warning and arrested the General Secretary
along with hundreds of activists. The protestors
arrested include GS Dipankar Bhattacharya, CCMs
Rajendra Pratholi, Prabhat Kumar, AISA GS Ravi Rai,
AIPWA leader Uma Gupta, AICCTU Secretary Rajiv Dimri
and others. A memorandum of protest has also been sent
to the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Shri Rameshwar
Thakur. AIPWA General Secretary Kumudini Pati was also
present in the protest. Comrade Dipankar Bhattacharya
addressed the protesters and said that this wanton
killing of eight innocents, including one woman, is a
reflection of the growing intolerance of the state and
poses a serious threat to any notion of democracy.
In Andhra Pradesh, dozens of Party activists were
arrested in Kakinada while burning the effigy of YSR
during the protest march on July 30. Demonstrations
were also held at Anantpur, Visannapeta, Kuttukudi,
Jagadampeta, NS Puram, and many other places. The
CPI(ML) has called for the week-long protests in
Andhra Pradesh and will further intensify the movement
if adequate action was not taken by the govt. in the
Party's Uttar Pradesh unit observed the statewide
protest day on July 29. A protest was organised in
front of the State Assembly in Lucknow. Demonstrations
were held in Varanasi, Allahabad, Mirzapur, Chandauli,
Gazipur, Moradabad, Mau, Ambedkarnagar, Jalaun,
Sitapur, Sonbhadra, and many other places. Party
activists burnt the effigy of YSR Govt. at all places
and demanded the Chief Minister's resignation.
In Jharkhand, Protests were held at almost all the
district headquarters in the state and resignation of
Rajshekhar Reddy was demanded. A demonstration was
held out in Ranchi jointly by CPI(ML) and RYA and an
effigy of Andhra CM was burnt at Albert Ekka Chowk.
Protests were held at different places in other
districts including Dhanbad, Bokaro, Latehar, etc.
Protests were organised in Rajasthan at places
including Jaipur, Udaypur and Jhunjhunu. The
demonstrators burnt the effigies and sent memorandum
of protest to the Governor of AP.
The memorandum of protest were also sent from Gurgaon
in Haryana and Diphu in Karbi Anglong of Assam.
Protests were also held in other parts of Assam. In 
Tripura, protests were held in Agartala, Udaipur and
some other towns.
Demonstrations were organised in all parts of Bihar,
including the capital Patna. Similar protests were
organised in West Bengal. While in Orissa, many towns
including Rayagada, Gunupur and Bhubaneshwar witnessed
such protests. The effigy burning was also observed in
Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh.
In Tamil Nadu, Party activists held protest
demonstrations at various places. AICCTU, AIALA, RYA,
and AIPWA leaders and activists participated in these
demonstrations. In Kanyakumari demonstration was held
at Nagarcoil in front of the Collectorate. CPI(ML) and
AICCTU activists including a considerable number of
women participated in this protest. Demonstrations
were also held in Erode, Kumbakonam, Sirkazhi,
Dindgul, Virudhachalam, and Tirunelveli. In Erode more
than 500 participated. After submitting the mass
memorandum with the demand of the resignation of the
AP Chief Minister, they also met the DC on the issue
of house-site pattas for themselves. Protest memoranda
were also sent to the Andhra Pradesh Governor from
other places.
The protest demonstrations were also observed in
various other states where effigy burnings were
carried out and memoranda were sent to the Governor of


Message from Andhra Pradesh
The July 28 Mudigonda massacre in Khammam district of
Andhra Pradesh has once again drawn the country’s
attention to the actual state of democracy in rural
India. For the last few months, Andhra Pradesh has
been witnessing the rise of a statewide popular land
struggle. Instead of heeding the demands of the land
movement which is led by almost the entire spectrum of
Left forces from the CPI and CPI(M) to the CPI(ML),
the Rajshekhar Reddy government has responded by
framing and arresting activists in large numbers. On
July 28 the state was having a united Left-sponsored
bandh to demand the setting up of an autonomous land
reforms panel and withdrawal of repressive measures
unleashed by the state government. The Reddy
government chose to meet the bandh with brutal
repression, gunning down eight unarmed persons,
including a woman, in Mudigonda village of Khammam
The Andhra incidents clearly tell us that land remains
a central demand for the rural poor and that whenever
the landless poor forcefully assert this demand the
state sheds all democratic pretensions and answers
with cold-blooded murder. Almost all state governments
have begun to reverse in practice, if not also overtly
in terms of legislation, whatever land reforms had
been implemented in the early decades after
Independence. While a small house site or an acre of
cultivable land remains a distant dream for millions
of landless agricultural labourers and poor peasants,
the powers that be are busy promoting a new form of
corporate landlordism in the name of developing
Special Economic Zones. Andhra Pradesh is a tell-tale
example of this stark contrast and the Reddy
government has opened fire both on Visakhapatnam
fisherfolks opposing SEZ and Khammam peasants
demanding land redistribution.
The developing land struggle in Andhra has also upheld
the real content of Left unity – unity in the field of
struggle, unity on the basis of the interests of the
toiling masses. Earlier during the TDP regime, a
similar kind of unity had begun to develop in the
state against the neo-liberal economic reforms. Yet
instead of carrying forward the process of unity and
raising it to a higher political level, the CPI(M)
leadership chose to backtrack and enter into a
partnership with the Congress during the elections.
Once again prospects of unity are developing in Andhra
Pradesh, and the CPI(M) is uncomfortable about it.
When the CPI(ML) put forward a proposal for a joint
demonstration in Delhi against the Mudigonda massacre,
the CPI(M) leadership turned it down citing political
differences. The CPI(M) can work together with the
Congress in spite of massacres like Mudigonda, but it
cannot join hands with the CPI(ML) in the battle for
justice for the Mudigonda victims!
The CPI(M)’s sectarianism on the question of any kind
of joint action with the CPI(ML) stems perhaps from
its own internal dilemma and contradiction. In a state
like Andhra where the CPI(M) is not in power, it takes
up issues like land reforms and has to face state
repression in the process. In West Bengal, where the
party has been uninterruptedly in power for three
decades, its government is bent upon relaxing and
reversing the land ceiling legislation and has no
hesitation in massacring anti-SEZ protesters in
Nandigram. How does the party now reconcile Mudigonda
with Nandigram? The party is perhaps also wary about
the future of its relations with the Congress. Just as
Nandigram is passé for the CPI(M) leadership, it would
also like to treat Mudigonda as a passing aberration
and not let it sour its growing partnership with the
The battle for land and democracy is however too basic
and urgent to obey the CPI(M)’s narrow pragmatic
calculations. All the forces of the Left who wish to
advance the people’s movement and develop mutual unity
and understanding on the basis of such a shared
struggle on a shared agenda will surely draw
inspiration and appropriate lessons from the incidents
in Andhra Pradesh. Red salute to the peasant martyrs
of Mudigonda and to the heroic fighters of Andhra


Hon’ble Sri Rameshwar Thakur
Andhra Pradesh
We strongly condemn the incident of police firing on
agitating peasants and agrarian workers at Mudigonda
in Khammam district of AP on 28 July. This wanton
killing of eight unarmed persons, including one woman,
who were staging a demonstration demanding
implementation of land reforms and protesting the
framing and incarceration of peasant activists and
leaders of the ongoing land struggle, is a reflection
of the growing intolerance of the state and poses a
serious threat to any notion of democracy. We urge you
to convey to the government of Andhra Pradesh our
strong resentment and the popular feeling of outrage
over the Modigonda massacre and see that adequate
action is taken at the earliest to punish the guilty.
In particular we would like to draw your attention to
the following specific demands: 
1.       The Chief Minister must own moral and
political responsibility for the massacre and tender
his resignation;
2.       The State Government must set up an
autonomous Land Reforms Commission in the state and
ensure immediate implementation of all pending land
reforms measures;
3.       The DM and SP of Khammam must be suspended
forthwith and cases filed against them for the
unprovoked firing that killed 8 people and injured
4.       False cases lodged against the protesting
people must be withdrawn and all activists and
peasants arrested in connection with the land struggle
released unconditionally and immediately.
5.       Rs. 10 lakh must be paid as compensation to
the family of every person killed and Rs. 2 lakh to
the family of every injured.
We hope you will appreciate the popular outrage caused
by the Modigonda massacre and do all you can to ensure
that justice and democracy are not allowed to be
murdered in Andhra Pradesh by the wanton exercise of
state power by the YSR government.

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