[Marxism] Chinese president urges to carry forward revolutionarytraditions

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China, Vietnam held seminar on socialist theories (2007.07.28)

GUIYANG, July 28 -- Senior officials from the Communist Party of
China (CPC) and Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) took part in a
seminar on socialist theories Saturday in Guiyang, capital of
southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Liu Yunshan, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central
Committee and To Huy Rua, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPV
Central Committee, made keynote speeches at the seminar.

Liu, who is also head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central
Committee, said the seminar, which centered on the discussion of the
scientific concept of development and the construction of a
harmonious socialist society, would enable the two parties to learn
from the experiences of each other in pursuing the socialist ideals.

China and Vietnam are linked by common mountains and rivers, Liu
said. Moreover, The two countries share common ideals and interests,
he said. China is willing to make joint efforts with Vietnam in
exploring ways to construct socialism while learning from each other
in the process, he said.

Rua reviewed the theoretical results and experiences gained during
the reform drive in the past two decades. Vietnam has always paid
attention, studied and learned from China's experience during the
reform and opening-up drive, he said.

He believed the seminar could raise theoretical exchanges and
discussions between the two parties to a new height. Enditem


India, China to lead world's economy: IMF
31 Jul, 2007, 0953 hrs IST, AGENCIES

MANILA: China and India are the new engines of world economic growth,
replacing the United States and other developed countries,
International Monetary Fund managing director Rodrigo Rato said

He said China overtook the United States this year to become the
biggest contributor to world economic growth.

"For the first time, the largest contribution to global growth will
now be made by China," Rato told a business conference in the

"Looking ahead, we expect this pattern of growth to continue ... we
expect China -- and increasingly India -- to grow in importance as
engines of global growth."

He said China would grow by more than 11 per cent and India at around
nine percent this year, with almost equal rates in 2008.


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