[Marxism] Chinese president urges to carry forward revolutionary traditions

Sukant Chandan sukant.chandan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 12:29:35 MDT 2007

Fwded from the leftist_trainspotters yahoogroup from another person
with permission, which may be of interest:

Of course doctrine and technology are not set in stone. Doctrine in
military parlance is after all just another word for tactics. Gulf War
1 put paid to the idea that old style Soviet/Communist Military
Doctrine *and* technology could take on US imperialism in a stand up
fight. The PLA were very quick to take on those lessons.

But the 'Revolution in Military Affairs' in the PLA does not just
equate to technological development regarding weapons and deployment,
but is an all round application of a-symetrical warfare encompassing
every aspect of modern society from economics to the internet.

Ive posted these links a couple times before, but cannot emphasise
enough their importance in understanding PLA "doctrinal" and strategic
development in the last 15 years.

Unrestricted Warfare:
Wikipedia summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unrestricted_Warfare

Chinese Views of Future Warfare:

China Debates The Future Security Envireonment:

And of course keeping up to date with PLA Daily does no harm:

I cant see how this can be seen as anything other than a development
of Peoples War for the 21st Century.

As regards the implication that the current PLA has no organic
connection to Mao's PLA that is of course nonsense. It is the same PLA
and indeed its leadership still contains many veterans from Mao's days,
as a quick click on the Central Military Commission members brief
biographies (right on homepage) demonstrably shows.

Or as a read of the top story on the Chinas Military section of the
front page will show, the link is not just historical but living and
guiding still.

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