[Marxism] Prison guards (was: Police unions etc.)

Debordagoria phantasmagorias at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 12:42:27 MDT 2007

I started the thread with this particular subject
line, and my point (see below) was not about police
officers or soldiers, but prison guards. It is cruelly
misguided (and doctrinaire) for Marxists to demonize
those in this degrading, low-wage occupation. To end
up in it one need accept no "goals" other than to put
food on the table and a roof over it. Lots of people
work for the State, and all wage labor functions to
serve the interests of Capital.  
Michael D.

-- Mike Friedman <mikedf at amnh.org> wrote:
> > 
> Although the discussion started with soldiers, as
> the header 
> indicates, we are not now discussing soldiers, but
> police and prison 
> guards. There is a fundamental difference between
> these bodies. In 
> spite of the fact that there is a hierarchy in these
> bodies, police 
> and prison guards are professional [sic] bodies with
> the goal of 
> enforcing "law and order" (i,e., racist laws and the
> order of private 
> property) at home. They are the bodies with which
> the ruling class 
> represses the working masses at home. Police
> officers must share 
> those goals to join the force. No matter what their
> class origins 
> are. CUT

I wrote,
I realize this thread was addressing the particular
policies of certain unions, but it reminded me of
something I had long wanted to bring up here:
It seems to me that Marxists demonizing low-wage
prison guards (as "agents of state oppression") is
basically the equivalent of animal rights activists
targeting abused and exploited slaughterhouse workers
(which they do, by the way).

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