[Marxism] Prison guards (was: Police unions etc.)

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Aug 2 14:11:52 MDT 2007

Jscotlive at aol.com wrote, "It is also doctrinaire not to differentiate
between a low wage occupation that doesn't involve repressing the poor and
the working class on behalf of the ruling class, consciously or
unconsciously, and one that does."

I wonder if there is a job in capitalist society that "doesn't involve
repressing the poor and the working class on behalf of the ruling class,
consciously or unconsciously."

Former students of mine have gone into the military despite my most ardent
efforts to dissuade them.  Others have gone into the police department,
where at least one of them periodically "helps" by going after "deadbeat
dads" who don't pay child support, though, on at least one occasion, this
involved taking out of the picture the only adult responsible for another
group of kids.

In that case, the kids now left parentless fall into the hands of social
services (where I have other former students) who will arrange to put them
into foster care situations.  This is not only potentially hellish but, in
this area, has actually been lethal.

Evidently, the "helping" ideology of all these fields requires selective

I also have former students in medical fields where they can be real
lifesafers...or not, if you don't have insurance and can't pay for it.

What shapes the possibilities and options a student has?  In part, it might
be because they had teachers early on who tried to help by giving them
higher grades than they actually earned because those teachers realized that
social conditions denied some students a chance to earn a decent grade as
easily as other students from more privileged background.  Or maybe those
teachers gave these students bluntly honest grades rather than to cheat the
hard-working students who actually did learn how to earn a better grade.

So, yeah, there are differences.  Nobody ever said there weren't
differences, but I don't see any job that doesn't feed the beast.  Not doing
so just isn't doesn't seem to be an option.  And certainly not a matter of
being elevated by our individual will to a higher morality.

That's why it's called a system.


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