[Marxism] Convergint US and Iranian interests in Iraq

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Counterpunch Weekend Edition
August 4 / 5, 2007
Converging US and Iranian Interests in Iraq
The Iranian Option


Converging U.S. – Iran interests in Iraq are creating a common ground 
for an “Iranian option” for President George W. Bush that could be 
developed into an historical foreign policy breakthrough of the kind he 
has been yearning for in the Arab – Israeli conflict or India; however 
several factors are ruling out this window of opportunity, including his 
militarization of the U.S. foreign policy, obsession with the “regime 
changes” overseas, his insistence on exploiting to the maximum his 
country’s emergence as the only world power in the aftermath of the 
collapse of the former Soviet Union (USSR), an Iranian independent 
regional agenda that so far cold not be reconciled with his own, and a 
detrimental Arab feeling of insecurity of such a potentiality.

A potential “Iran option” for Bush, whether it emerges out of a 
diplomatic engagement or a military confrontation, be it on Iraq or on 
Iran per se, would embroil Arabs adversely and directly because both 
protagonists are waging their political as well as military battles on 
Arab land and skilfully using Arab wealth, oil, space, diplomacy and 
even Arab proxies to settle their scores towards either political 
engagement or military showdown.

full: http://www.counterpunch.com/nasser08042007.html

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