[Marxism] The space for the Left in the current political environment

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(Pravda today ["truth" in Russian], is no longer the newspaper of
the Central Committee of the CPSU, which no longer exists, nor is
it the newspaper of any specific political party. It's just one
capitalist daily published in Russia. But can anyone imagine such
a commentary appearing in any U.S. mainstream daily newspaper?)

The space for the Left in the current political environment

That the left-wing political aspirations of yesteryear were raised to
the pinnacles of success by generations of selfless, heroic
activists, let there be no doubt. However, in the aftermath of this
tremendous, historic victory – a breakthrough for Humankind – who is
galvanising the political left today, where is the bond that unites
its movements, the only chance it has to survive and present a
credible alternative for a governance which respects basic human
rights today?


The New Left

The notion of a New Left must necessarily begin with a thorough
examination of the causes of the failure of the Left as we see it
today. How is it possible for Rightist governments to take away and
systematically attack the heroic gains of the last two centuries, in
a world where war crimes, torture and rape are committed, and the
culprits go unpunished...or worse, preen themselves on TV while
everyone applauds and votes them back into power?

It is possible only because those who lead the Left are inept,
inconsequential and incompetent intellectuals whose grasp of real
life is confined to a breakfast served on a silver platter, lunch in
a comfortable club and dinner in an expensive restaurant, paid for by
the “idiots” who support their causes.

Marxism-Leninism is a very broad concept, but the underlying tone of
it is that the real power must always be in the hands of the masses.
This can only be the result of human beings standing up for their
basic human rights. In today’s world, violent revolutionary overthrow
of the capitalist oligarchs does not make sense (although the precept
remains valid). However, dialogue, discourse, political activation of
the population and the instigation of a desire to demand what is
right and basic human rights is a valid starting point for future
Leftist leaders.

These are the fundamental precepts upon which the Leftist movements
of tomorrow must base themselves. And let this article be the
starting point for the New Leftist Movements of tomorrow. There
remains a lot of work to do.



FULL: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/95683-spaceleft-0

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