[Marxism] The Road to Rightville

Haines Brown brownh at hartford-hwp.com
Sun Aug 5 13:10:32 MDT 2007


Sorry I missed that last line. My frustration should have been
directed at the article in question. 

> It is not a matter of me calling college radicals "stupid". The
> question here is why a sizeable majority of blue-collar people today
> have this perception. I think it's important to try to understand
> that, and I thought that the article does a fairly good job at
> explaining this unfortunate reality.

I don't disagree with you so much as to suggest that the situation is
rather more complicated. I naturally wonder on what your
generalization is based. Is it based on a scholarly survey, or on your
personal experience, and if the latter, the question arises what
social milieu that experience represents.

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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